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CHILL as a Center of Expertise for the Advanced Chemical Industry

The Dutch government has included the chemical industry as one of its top nine sectors. This sector makes a significant contribution to the economic development and strength of the Netherlands. As a center of expertise and a center for innovative professional skills, CHILL helps to shape and expand the top sector policy in the Netherlands.

Chemicals as a top sector in the Netherlands

Top sectors are branches in which the Netherlands plays a leading role. These sectors include companies, knowledge institutes, and governments (triple helix), which all work together to strengthen the knowledge economy. Chemicals is one of these top sectors in the Netherlands, which plays a leading role in the categories basic chemistry, food ingredients, coatings, and high-performance materials. But this sector also has its challenges, one of which is the growing scarcity of natural resources. The chemicals industry therefore focuses on improving the sustainability of the sector as a whole, in particular by developing applications for renewable and environmentally-friendly resources.

CHILL as a center of expertise and a center for innovative professional skills

CHILL is a center of expertise and a center for innovative professional skills. These are public-private partnerships that work on educational innovation, innovative assignments, and lifelong learning programs within the Dutch top sector policy. The result: excellent connections between the labor market and students, lecturers, and entrepreneurs. In this way, we are contributing to the innovative strength of the Netherlands and its knowledge economy. Thus we contribute to the innovation and knowledge economy of the Netherlands. Platform Bèta Techniek also acts as an executing agency for the education ministry.


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