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Looking for a Talented Individual for a Vacancy, a Graduate Position, or a Job in the Chemical Sector?

Qualified employees are in extremely high demand. Companies in this sector are experiencing a shortage of talented employees trained at the intermediate vocational level, higher vocational level, and university level. CHILL is the perfect place to find talent. Each year we find positions at regional companies for dozens of interns and graduates and also serve as a matchmaker for employees and alumni .

More than just a clever mind

Companies looking for interns, graduates, or alumni want someone with the necessary know-how. At CHILL, we believe in talent development , which is why students in our learning and working environment not only develop field-specific knowledge, but also generic skills, including twenty-first-century skills. Students also gain practical experience by working on real assignments for real employers. Together, these components help transform CHILL students into valuable and welcome candidates for internships, graduation assignments, and future jobs.

CHILL as matchmaker

We have built an extensive network of talents in our five-year history. CHILL plays a matchmaking role for companies looking for interns, graduates, and candidates for vacancies in the field of chemicals. If your company has a large-scale project that would be suitable for an internship or a graduation assignment, our students work in teams on concrete assignments for companies. You can read more about it on the page about R&D assignments .

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