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CHILL: A Meeting Place for Employers and graduated talent

Finding new employees to strengthen your organization can be challenging. Where do you look for new talent? Where can you find highly-trained employees with the necessary knowledge? Where can you find people with the right skills? People who are capable of taking the lead in the dynamic world of chemicals? People to whom innovation comes naturally and for whom change is second nature? In recent years, CHILL has built up an interesting network of skilled professionals in the chemical sector. These talented individuals were trained in the region and for the region, which makes them invaluable to your organization.

Professional knowledge & practical skills

Our alumni have gained extensive experience in the business sector by working on assignments for this sector. They invested heavily in their development on both a professional level and a skills level to add even more value to potential employers. As a result, they know their strengths and their ambitions and are capable of taking on roles as leaders, sales representatives, project managers, and researchers.

Meeting place for employers and potential employees

CHILL is collaborating with the Brightlands Chemelot Campus to create a virtual and physical place where talented employees and SME employers can meet. This will become a hub for companies in the chemical sector looking for new talent, and for ambitious students and alumni looking for a great job. We will keep you informed of the latest developments on our website. Are you looking for an alumnus, do you have a question about our services, or do you have a suggestion for the alumni platform? If so, please contact Marous Kuijer by e-mail at marous.kuijer@chillabs.nl or by phone on +31 (0)46-763 21 10.

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