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Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Each Other: Collaborating With CHILL in an Open Community

Collaborating with CHILL means working together with students, professionals, companies, and knowledge institutes in an open community. We believe in the power of knowledge and, more importantly, in sharing that knowledge. Inspiring and challenging each other, learning from each other, and working together to achieve better results: that’s what we stand for at CHILL!

Accessible and professional

At CHILL, we like to maintain an accessible yet professional climate. As our partner, you are always welcome on campus and in our labs. In fact, we encourage you to get actively involved. We don’t think like to think of ourselves as an independent contractor, but rather as a collaborative partner.


At CHILL, we like to stray from the beaten path. Innovation calls for a pioneering attitude and a willingness to make mistakes and learn from them. We’d rather fall down, get back up again, and make a truly fascinating discovery than color inside the lines.

Students: the talent of the future

Working together with CHILL means contributing to the talent development of future professionals. Students at the intermediate vocational level, higher vocational level, and university level collaborate on projects supervised by experienced professionals. Nothing is more educational and informative than working on real assignments for real clients. The quality of our output is excellent. Before we get started, we will make clear agreements with you about the expected end result. We are committed to these agreements. Read more about the role of students.

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