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Which Collaboration Options Are Available?

Does your organization work on innovations in the chemical industry? Do you need support with your research & development needs? Are you interested in developing the knowledge and competencies of your employees? Are you looking for an intern or a graduate for a specific assignment within your organization? If so, CHILL offers several forms of collaboration.

An individual assignment

We are happy to carry out individual assignments for you. We approach each assignment, big or small, as a custom program.

A CHILL alliance

In our experience, many of the companies we work with have more than one issue they’d like to address. And the initial collaboration almost always leaves them wanting more. If you plan to use our services on a regular basis, you may want to consider an alliance with CHILL. An alliance can benefit both of us: We get to work on a great assignment or offer interesting positions to interns and graduates and you get to benefit from preferential matchmaking with interns, graduates, and alumni. You can also take advantage of our knowledge and research facilities at a discounted rate.

Become a “Foster Parent”

If you plan on entering into a long-term partnership with CHILL, you may want to consider becoming a “Foster Parent,” as it has several advantages. You can enjoy discounted hourly rates, unlimited use of our lab and research facilities, preferential matchmaking with interns, graduates, and alumni, and choose to invest in people and equipment with CHILL.

Which form of collaboration suits you best?

If you’d like to know which form of collaboration best suits your organization and what CHILL can do for your company, feel free to contact us. One of our business developers would be happy to meet you, discuss your question, and translate this into a suitable proposal.

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