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The Role of Students: CHILL as a learning and working environment

CHILL is synonymous with talent development. We are first and foremost a professional organization that companies in the chemical sector with their innovation issues. Our secondary objective is to provide the industry with highly-trained professionals. Students at the intermediate vocational level, higher vocational level, and university level therefore collaborate with us on R&D assignments for companies. They are supervised by our experienced professionals and by lecturers.

Gaining experience

Working on concrete issues – real assignments from real companies in a real-life work environment – is educational in many respects. Firstly, the curriculum is extremely relevant. Instead of working on outdated theories, our students get to work on topical issues of relevance to today’s society and the society of tomorrow. Students are also given the opportunity to build a demonstrable track record: the experiences they gain with us are similar to those gained in a company.

Developing knowledge and competencies

At CHILL, students work on developing their substantive knowledge and their personal competences. This includes developing a keen sense of responsibility, improving their communications skills, and learning how to handle schedules and budgets. By offering a combination of substantive knowledge and generic skills, we help them transform from students into young professionals who are ready to enter the labor market and make a real difference for their employers. Does this sound like something for you? We would be happy to put you in touch with our alumni .

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