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Innovation and the Chemical Industry: Accessible R&D Solutions

Innovations in the chemical industry are not easy. They take time and often require costly R&D projects that do not necessarily guarantee success. After all, inventions are not something you can plan. Many times, you only find out whether an idea is feasible or viable at the end of the R&D process. At CHILL, we make R&D accessible.

Our method: a fresh take on R&D

CHILL carries out R&D projects on behalf of companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals. Our method can best be described as professional and slightly unorthodox. After all, innovations only happen when you stray from the beaten path. By combining the fresh perspectives of up-and-coming talents with the knowledge and experience of seasoned professionals, we are able to address virtually any R&D issue for an attractive price .

State-of-the-art lab facilities

When carrying out an R&D project, we make use of our lab and research facilities on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. As an open community, these facilities are also available to our partners and clients. Inspiring each other, challenging each other, and sharing knowledge are our top priorities.

Lectureship as a knowledge source

R&D gets a lot easier when is has access to a knowledge network. One of the important pillars of our network is the lectureship Material Science of Gino van Strydonck, associated with Zuyd University and hosted by CHILL. The goal of the research is to facilitate sustainable innovation in the field of chemistry with a focus on polymer materials and linking innovation and learning. These polymeric materials can be used to include energy, construction, healthcare and healthcare applications. Research assignments are performed from four directions:

  • Sustainable Synthesis and Production with a focus on micro flow.
  • Material Engineering with a focus on nanostructured materials with special lecturer Pascal Buskens.
  • Biobased Materials, which focuses strongly on materials for 3D printing.

Want to know more about the activities of the research group Material Science and what that can mean for you? Click here.


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