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Intellectual Property: Your Ideas in Safe Hands

If you have a great idea for a ground-breaking innovation, you want to make sure it’s in good hands. Do you have exclusive rights to the research results? Is there a risk that partner colleagues or competitors might steal an idea? Do the students ensure the confidentiality of your data and materials? While CHILL may be an open community, we are not IP-driven. This means your ideas, research results, and products will always remain yours.

Intellectual property in an open community

Protecting your intellectual property in an open community in which various companies and students work together may seem difficult. But collaborating with CHILL should in no way threaten your competitive position. This is why we take several steps (depending on your needs) to protect your intellectual property:

  • You will enter into a non-disclosure agreement with us
  • We can make agreements about intellectual property as needed
  • Students sign a confidentiality agreement
  • We make agreements about how and to what extent students can publish information about the work they have performed on your behalf
  • You can request exclusive access to our lab and research facilities. This means no other organizations can use these facilities for the duration of the assignment
  • We store your project documents and research results in a secure project environment in the cloud. Only project members have access to this information

Our business developers will schedule a meeting to discuss the extent to which the above measures can or should be applied.

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