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CHILL Biology and Molecular Technology Lab

How do you test the antimicrobial properties of materials such as coatings, textiles, or preservatives? How do you develop a routine molecular diagnostics test? And how can a cell culture help to develop biomaterials or biotechnology products? These are just a few examples of the questions we address in our R&D projects, for which we draw on the knowledge and facilities of our biology and molecular technology labs. These labs allow us to carry out a wide range of standardized tests and help us develop new and fully customizable state-of-the-art molecular tests.

Technologies, facilities, and specifications

The biology and molecular technology labs are divided into three ML1 certified labs, which include the following technologies and facilities:

  • Molecular technologies, such as real-time qPCR and sequencing (Sanger and NGS)
  • Cell culture of cell lines or primary cells and fluorescence microscopy
  • Microbiological culture facilities (aerobic and anaerobic) and various analyses

Our biology and molecular technology labs include a LightCycler 96 and 480 (Roche), MinIon NGS (Oxford Nanopore), and a Varioscan Lux (Thermo Scientific). Download our specs-leaflet for a complete list of our equipment and their specifications.

Looking for specific facilities?

Do you need specific facilities for your R&D project? Please let us know! We can always find a suitable solution in our network .

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