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Materials characterization lab

Testing is an essential step in optimizing the quality of new products and materials and to help us gain a better understanding of materials. This includes destructive tests, which are used to determine the strength, tensile strength, or heat resistance of a material, and tests to assess the properties of coatings and surfaces. We have our own test lab where we research the physical properties of plastics and rubber.

Technologies, facilities, and specifications

The following technologies and facilities are available in the materials test lab:

  • mechanical testing
  • optical testing
  • thermal testing

Our materials test lab features a Zwick universal testing machine, which can be used for a variety of tensile and bending tests, and an aging chamber, whereby UV radiation, temperature, or humidity is used to simulate an accelerated aging process. For a complete list of all our equipment and their specifications download our specs-leaflet characterization and our specs-leaflet coating.

Looking for specific facilities?

Do you need specific facilities for your R&D project? Please let us know! We can always find a suitable solution in our network .

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