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How Does CHILL Approach Your R&D Project? Customization from A to Z

No two R&D issues are alike. The same is true of organizations. R&D is an iterative process, which means as detailed as the project plan may be, the next step is always determined by the results of the previous step. This means returning to the original design, carrying out new tests, developing things further, or conducting go/no-go tests. As a result, we always tailor our services to your needs.

Quote and action plan

One of our business developers will be appointed as your primary contact. During a personal meeting, he or she will identify your needs and translate these into a custom quote and a concise action plan. The business developer will remain your primary point of contact throughout the project.

Results obligation and deadlines

The results of an R&D project can’t be predicted in advance. Nevertheless, we will always make clear agreements in advance about the desired output. What do you want to know? What do you hope the project generates? Based on these agreements we will enter into a results obligation with you and set deadlines for deliverables.

Your role in the R&D project

At CHILL, we believe it’s important for clients to stay closely involved in the R&D project and participate actively in the process. Our method is characterized by transparency. After all, each phase of the project generates relevant information that is extremely valuable for your organization and the further development of your idea.
This means we regularly discuss the interim results and, more importantly, encourage you and/or your employees to work on the project in our lab and research facilities. Your employees and our students and professionals will work together to ensure the success of your project.

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