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How Much Does an R&D Project Cost at CHILL?

Costs? We prefer to call it an investment. While all R&D project are different, they all generate valuable insights that can help you become even more innovative. One thing is certain: because many of our R&D projects involve students and because we are an open community, we can offer our services at attractive rates. This helps us make R&D more accessible.

All-in rate for hours, facilities, and materials

At CHILL, we like to take a no-nonsense approach, which is why we offer an all-in rate that includes the use of our research facilities and the materials in our labs.

Invoicing: no unpleasant surprises

R&D projects have one thing in common: it’s hard to estimate how long they’ll take. After all, they tend to involve trial and error, developing, testing, analyzing, fine-tuning, etc. During the project, our business developers will update you regularly on the number of hours worked and how this influences the overall costs. This allows us to make the necessary adjustments and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Custom quote

If you’d like to know which investments you can expect based on your specific needs, feel free to contact us to schedule an introductory meeting. Our business developers would be happy to create a custom quote.

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