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Lifelong Learning: Training Programs and Workshops for Professionals

The chemical sector has undergone major changes in recent years. To continue to innovate in this industry, it’s important that companies help their employees maintain their knowledge and skills. Our goal is to deliver highly-trained professionals for the chemical sector. With this in mind, CHILL offers a learning and working environment for future professionals, as well as lifelong learning programs for companies in this sector. These include practical workshops and training programs to help employees develop their knowledge and skills.

What and for whom?

How can my employees learn to work with flexible schedules? Can you develop a training program to helps us bring quality thinking to the next level? How can help our employees improve their communication skills? How can we introduce our employees to new technologies? These are just some of the questions that prompt us to develop training programs for companies, usually laboratories and organizations that operate in the process technology, food, or maintenance industries.

Twenty-first century skills

In recent years, companies have shown more interest in helping their employees develop twenty-first-century skills. The world is shifting towards a knowledge and networking society as a result of technological advances and increased digitization. This development also has implications for the role of employees. In addition to having the necessary professional knowledge, employees are increasingly expected to possess personal skills such as problem-solving capabilities, ICT skills, and collaborative and creative thinking in order to succeed – both now and in the future – in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

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